About Us

Floret and Teddies, located at CT Hub 2, knows intimately this emotional entwining of flowers and lifestyle. Floret & Teddies is a “Lifestyle Floral Boutique”. Offering a range of total lifestyle solutions such as, wedding, corporate events, product launches, decorating homes, luxury boutiques, restaurants and hotels with fresh-cut flowers and even educating couples the language of flowers.

Many people love the idea of a house or office full of fresh-cut flowers, and Floret and Teddies really delivers, in every sense. The floral boutique is resplendent with seasonal flowers from Holland, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. In Floret and Teddies world, flowers gracefully mark life’s every milestone.

At Floret and Teddies, beautiful flowers and furniture seem to blend effortlessly together in aesthetic harmony. This is surely the best advertisement for its consultancy services where its designers decorate homesĀ  and corporate spaces. Floret and Teddies has no trouble creating the perfect package for a special workplace or lifestyle.